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Our 10-week courses are held in Petone on a Wednesday evening. We aim to hold three per year – generally starting February, June or September. The following provides a brief overview of what our courses involve:

Week 1 – A New Journey Begins; Introduction; Facilitators, Course Purpose, Course Philosophy, Benefits, Confidentiality and Concerns, Course Content, Resources.

Week 2 – Understanding Loss and Grief; Course Members’ Agreement, Experiencing Grief, Examining Loss and Grief Small Group Work (each week); Resources and Readings.

Week 3– Navigating and Managing Grief; Common Reactions to Grief, Dealing with Depression, Anger, and Anxiety, Tools for Managing Your Reactions, Stress, Resources.

Week 4 – Alone, Loneliness and the Difference; Regaining Control of Your Life, Letting Go of the Past, Loneliness and Being Alone, Fear of Living Alone, Managing Fear, Feeling Alive, Mindfulness, Shared Meal, Resources and Readings.

Week 5 – Discovering and Trusting Yourself; Thoughts and Feelings, Trust Yourself, WSD’s Fb Groups, WSD Committee, Resources and Readings.

Week 6 – Adjustments for You, Family and Friends; Adjustment Process, Children, Family Members and Other Adults, New Partner and/or Your Ex, Different Ways of Reacting to Your World, Communication Styles, Small Group, Resources and Readings.

Week 7 – Adapting to Your New Life; Growing into Your New Life, Don’t Know How or Where to Start? Grid – Keeping a Balance in My Life, Things that Need Strength and Courage, Things to Remember When Everything is Going Wrong. Resources and Readings.

Week 8 –New Friendships and Relationships; Clearing the Way for New Friendships and/or Relationships, Making New Friends, Resources and Readings.

Week 9 – Making Plans and Going Forward – One Step at a Time; What is the First Step to the Future? Goalsetting, Small Group Work, Course Evaluation, Resources and Readings.

Week 10 – Looking Forward to my Future – What Now? Workbook, Newsletter, Fb (private group) Looking forward to the future.  What I got out of the course – my personal growth highlights, feedback, affirmation sheets, Course Evaluation Forms, Closing.

Appendix – Additional Resources (with index).

Our next course will be held on:

Course 2 2022 
CommencesWednesday, 25 May 2022
VenueThumbs Up Hall
5 Elizabeth Street
10 weeks
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Ross044995520 (to leave a message on our answerphone)

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