Weekend Healing Events
The Beginning Experience - for Widowed, Separated and Divorced People

This is a weekend away for a lifetime of change. The B.E Weekend programme helps grieving single-again people emerge from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning, and move into the future with renewed hope.

Email: wellingtonBE@xtra.co.nz
The Lazarus Experience - for Separated and Divorced People

The Lazarus Experience is a gentle, healing weekend aimed at Catholics, but open to all denominations. It is an opportunity to explore in a spiritual way the options for those who have been separated or divorced; what annulments mean, coping with grief associated with the breakdown of a marriage, re-establishing your identity and rebuilding your future.

For more information email lazarusexp@xtra.co.nz
Guidance and Help
Parenting through separataion

Separation is hard for everyone involved and it is especially confusing for your children. Parenting through Separation programmes give you useful tips and information. They are free and involve just two short sessions. Find out more about the programmes in your area by phoning 0800 211211 or visiting website www.justice.govt.nz/family

This organisation offers unique and empowering support and resources to children, teens and their families who are impacted by loss and grief - whatever the cause. Visit their website www.skylight.org.nz or phone 0800 299 100 for information.
Family Violence Line

0800-456-450 and www.ruok.org.nz and www.2shine.org.nz (aka Shine Line). These people are based in Auckland but will send resources, books, DVDs, etc. to help anyone dealing with this problem.
Women's Refuge

Wellington 939-0455. Lower Hutt 569-1040. 9-5 pm weekdays. Crisis line 473-6280. These people help men as well as women.
Hutt Valley Stopping Violence

Lower Hutt 570-0772.