Attending an Event

Guidelines for participating in WSD social events

WSD social events are held so that the newly single can socialise in a supportive environment and other WSD members can catch up with friends.
Every event has one or two hosts. Please phone the host before attending a social event.
If you want to bring a friend, please ask the host if this is OK. Hosts can invite their friends if they wish.
If you are a host, please be prepared to run your event even if nobody has phoned. People sometimes do arrive unexpectedly.
Bring food and drink to events where there will be a meal or supper. For a shared meal bring food for dinner and for other events supper snacks are suitable. The calendar listing will tell you what is expected.
Children are very welcome at events but mention this to the host first.
Help with food preparation and cleaning up after a shared meal/supper is much appreciated. The host should be able to go to bed at the end of the evening with a clean bench and all furniture back in place!
Try to talk to everybody at an event. You will meet lots of interesting people!
If you bring a partner, please be aware of the sensitivities of the newly single and behave
At dances, many people are without partners. Please dance with lots of WSD members during the evening, especially those who have sat out a few dances. It is customary in WSD dance groups that both men and women ask others to dance. However, as women usually outnumber men, some people will not get to dance every time.