Facebook Page Code of Conduct

WSD Facebook Page

Closed Group

Code of Conduct

This Facebook Page is promoted and maintained for the benefit of WSD Course Participants in accordance with the WSD philosophy:

To help those who have suffered the loss of a partner To emphasize the building up of self-esteem and positivity
To give some techniques to help deal with the pain of loss To be non-threatening and supportive
To enable (people) to make a new beginning

To become a member of this closed FB Page you must have attended a WSD course, and supply administrators with an email address that has been registered with Facebook.

Members may:

  • Share information about social occasions or other events that may be of interest. For instance if you would like to have coffee, a meal or take in a movie with others in the group post an invite or use the Events app.  After the event you can post a photo or two of the occasion.
  • Post aspirational quotes, humour, or items from the public domain that you have found personally uplifting. Some may later be used in the WSD Participants Workbook!
  • Seek help or support such as transport to an event, volunteers to facilitate or speak at a WSD course, or you may just need cheering up and/or want to chat with others in the group – the 10 week course has finished and it’s Wednesday night…
  • Offer your own expertise, help or support (voluntarily or at a discount) to other members of the group.

Please don’t use this page to:

  • Post content that you have no authority/permission to publish OR which breaches others’ privacy or copyright.
  • Post content that does not align with WSD philosophy (negative exchanges with argumentative or belittling content).
  • Source information for posting to other social media sites – content on this page is private and confidential to group members.
  • Sell goods or solicit donations unless it is for a cause that WSD would support.

Site administration

  • Ensures that postings adhere to the code of conduct by removing any that offend and advising the person who posted it.
  • Removes outdated posts and past events in order to keep the page up-to-date.
  • Relies on you to block the name of your ex should you not want them to see your membership of the closed group or your posts.